HireBound Is The Difference

HireBound recognizes how unpredictable and one-sided the application process can feel. Searching, clicking through numerous postings and applying to job after job after job – all the while not knowing if someone will actually be looking at your resume. This is what many job seekers come up against, maybe even expect, while searching for their next opportunity.

What Is The Difference

What sets HireBound apart from other job boards is our approach to solving one of the most fundamental encounters between a job seeker and employer. The application and review stages.

Job Seekers

Job seekers would like to be evaluated based on their skills, paid competitively for their experience and without fear that one’s gender, race or ethnicity will be factored into the decision making process. To job seekers, HireBound will provide a new level of engagement with companies that truly want to partner with you in the job search.


Employers are seeking qualified individuals to hire for their vacancies, with the experience and skill set to successfully accomplish what is required of the role while not going over budget. To employers, HireBound will demonstrate to candidates that you are committed to an objective application review process while providing a new level of transparency not seen anywhere else.

HireBound is designed to carry out both of these mission critical objectives.