Better Candidates Means Better Placements

HireBound was developed on the premise that job seekers should expect more from job boards. As an employer, shouldn’t you expect more as well? 

The driving principle of HireBound is “to have your application reviewed by a human being, all the while remaining anonymous”. This is what HireBound believes in and proudly trumpets to job seekers that join our community. In order to have this belief come to life, we need to let Employers know what HireBound is, and what HireBound is not.

Confidentiality Is Better

HireBound is a confidential career site where the employer and candidate are partners in the application and review process. As an employer, you will judge the merits of the candidate without any identifying information. Whether you move forward with an application or not, the decision was made without knowledge of gender, race or ethnicity.

HireBound is a difference maker in how compensation will be factored into a confidential job search. Similar to a candidate, an employer will be asked to provide a salary range when creating a job posting but the range will not be disclosed to a job seeker. Simply, the pay range an employer provides will be matched to the desired pay range of a candidate – in both instances, neither side will know what the other is asking for. Our matching ensures that there is overlap in what the candidate is seeking and what the employer is willing to offer. HireBound took it one step further: a job seeker will not see your company’s job posting in the search results if your pay range does not overlap with a candidate’s desired pay range. HireBound prides itself on delivering quality candidates that meet your business needs and budget requirements.

We Are Not The Same

HireBound is not a run of the mill career site. If you want to post a job and sift through dozens upon dozens of candidates with the notion that you must have a candidate’s name and address to make an informed decision, HireBound may very well disappoint. If you want to post a job and then route candidates to your ATS just to have an algorithm or keyword search reject an application, HireBound may very well disappoint. If you want to post a job and not disclose what the position pays out of fear a competitor, or one of your current employees, will find out what the new person will make, HireBound may very well disappoint.

If your organization believes that it hires the very best talent available, follows a recruitment process that remains objective throughout and truly makes hiring decisions based on the skills and experience of a candidate, HireBound will not disappoint.

HireBound knows who we are, and who we are not. If you would like to show job seekers how special and unique of a company culture you have, join our community and begin highlighting your vacancies now!

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