Fixing The Application Process By Changing The Process

HireBound realizes that the employment application process is broken – run by algorithms, driven by artificial intelligence and applicant tracking systems acting as gatekeepers. Even if you are fortunate enough to have the correct combination of keywords on your resume, most job seekers still are unsure of who, or what, drives the application review process.

What if there was a career website created to help pull back that curtain?

The driving principle of HireBound is to have your application reviewed by a human being, all the while remaining anonymous. Not only will your gender, race and ethnicity not be factored into the resume review process, our job search function will only highlight positions that meet your salary expectations. Each job seeker will be asked to provide their desired wage when creating a profile, but not as part of the application process. This will enable a job seeker to confidentially search for a position within their desired salary range without disclosing that range to a potential employer.

When a candidate applies to a job posting on HireBound and an employer contacts you, a candidate should feel empowered that they were evaluated objectively while also matching the pay range an employer is willing to offer. HireBound strives to deliver the best candidate experience of any job board on the market.

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